VS-1 Battery Blower

The VS-1 positive pressure ventilation Blower is just what you’re looking for if you want the convenience of an long running Battery Powered PPV blower.

Battery Blower Fan VS-1
Battery blower from rear without batteryBattery blower side viewBattery_blower_rear_look

Industry Leading VS-1 Battery Blower with 70 Minute Run Time and a Removable Battery!

The Tempest Technology industry-leading VS-1 battery blower with 70-minute run time and a removable battery is our most popular product. Our VS-1 is the first of the Tempest Tech Series product line.

This PPV / PPA Battery Blower has been designed to be a fantastic addition to any fire department. The ergonomic design and a leading-edge battery motor make the VS-1 Battery Blower the perfect choice. At only 52 lbs. it leads the industry in mobility. With an AMCA airflow rating of 10,887 cfm., the VS-1 delivers a level of utility and performance not found in any other battery-driven fan/blower.

Click here to see our New VS-1.2 with Taller Fold Down Handle.


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  • 70 Minute operating time at full speed
  • Removable lithium-ion battery rated IP65 & quick charges in 4 Hours
  • Lightweight design, welded tubular aluminum frame. Only 52lbs. w/battery 
  • AMCA Certified Air Flow 10,887 cfm 
  • Variable Speed motor rated at IP65
  • Thin-Vane air straightener grill and composite impeller
  • LED flow-path lighting positioned low for visibility below the smoke
  • Tapered lightweight steel shroud maximizes airflow performance
  • Ergonomic patent pending frame design with transverse wheels
  • Small Footprint 22.88″W x 26″H x 11″D (Half the Size of a gas blower)
  • Dynamic Battery Control System that protects the battery during charge/discharge as well as monitors all cells for optimum performance and diagnostics
  • Click Here for Printable Cut-Sheet and Specs
TYPE Battery Powered Positive Pressure Power Blower
IMPELLER 18″ Diameter Composite impeller
FRAME Rugged, Lightweight, Welded Tubular aluminum.
SHROUD Tapered light weight steel shroud maximizes airflow performance.
WHEELS 100mm High Impact Rubber
GRILL Thin-Vane air straightener grill.
MOTOR/DRIVE Variable Speed motor rated at IP65
Battery Removable lithium-ion w/Dynamic Battery Management System

-12° to +25°

Part No.Model No.Dia.CFMDimensions (W" x D" x H")Weight
910-1824VS-1 Standard: w/Battery & No Charger18"10,88722.88" x 11" x 26"52 lbs.
910-1820VS-1 Standard Plus: w/1 Battery & 1 Charger18"10,88722.88" x 11" x 26"52 lbs.
910-1823VS-1 Delux: w/2 Batteries & 1 Charger18"10.88722.88" x 11" x 26"52 lbs.
910-1822VS-1 Basic No Charger, No Battery, No Battery Mounting System 18"10,88722.88" x 11" x 26"40 lbs.
910-1834VS-1 Standard 220V: w/1 Battery & No Charger18"10,88722.88" x 11" x 26"52 lbs.
910-1830VS-1 Standard Plus 220V: w/1 Battery & 1 Charger18"10,88722.88" x 11" x 26"52 lbs.

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