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Since 1998, BIOEX manufactures efficient and eco-friendly firefighting from concentrates. In 2002, BIOEX had already committed to protecting our environment by launching ECOPOL: the first fluorine-free foam concentrate in the world!

Located at Sainte-Consorce (near Lyon) in France, BIOEX employs over 20 people worldwide. BIOEX is part of the LEADER Group, an international fire and rescue equipment manufacturer.


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In 2002, BIOEX launched the first Fluorine-Free Foam (FFF or also known as F3) firefighting foam, effective on class A and B fires.

With its long experience, BIOEX’s range of eco-friendly firefighting foams offers a wide range of solutions adapted to your risks: class A fireclass B Hydrocarbons and polar solvents fire. Major airportsfire brigadesmarine, oil & gas companies and chemical industries across the world are using BIOEX Fluorine-Free Foam for their fire protection.


BIOEX “bio” firefighting foams have proven their efficiency in firefighting. It is now possible to protect the environment and human health while also considering fire safety.


Fluorine-Free Foams create a resistant foam blanket above the fuel on fire and add a cooling effect to rapidly extinguish the fire. F3 are applied with the same method, and the same gentle and forceful application methods as AFFF foams. BIOEX environment-friendly foams can be applied in lowmedium and high expansion. They offer excellent extinguishment performances and burn-back resistance.


BIOEX F3 foams can be used with a wide range of foam equipment and systems. BIOEX foam concentrates are tested and certified under international standards (EN1568, UL162, LASTFIRE, IMO…). BIOEX ECOPOL range of products are GreenScreen analyzed and accredited. BIOEX Fluorine-Free Foam offers a mature and viable alternative to AFFF and AR-AFFF fluorinated foams.


Regarding significant emerging concerns about fluorinated compounds, BIOEX eco-friendly firefighting foams are guaranteed free of PFAS, PFOS, and PFOA fluorinated chemicals. They are not persistent in the environment, are biodegradable, and do not cause toxic effects. BIOEX “green” firefighting foams are easily biodegradable and respect the environment without causing health issues.


BIOEX’s eco-friendly firefighting foam concentrates are PFAS-free, PFOS-free, PFOA-free.



BIOEX AFFF foams (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) contain fluorosurfactants to efficiently extinguish and provide vapor suppression of class B hydrocarbon fuel fires such as gasoline, petroleum, benzene, kerosene, oil (water non-miscible flammable liquids).


AFFF foams are mostly involved in large-scale fires in high-risk industries such as refineries, offshore platforms and airports.


BIOEX’s AFFF produces high-quality foam blanket on the fuel surface by forming an aqueous film which forms a fuel vapor barrier. The foam blanket blocks oxygen which supplies the burning fuel and quickly flows over the flammable liquids to form an aqueous film and seal the fuel surface while suppressing fuel vapors.


The foam blanket has a cooling effect to rapidly extinguish fires. BIOEX AFFF foams have fast fire knockdown and long burn-back resistance characteristics.


AFFF can be used at lowmedium and high expansion, also used in gentle and forceful applications. BIOEX fire suppression agents can be used with a wide range of firefighting equipment. BIOEX high-performance synthetic foams are certified under international standards (EN1568, UL, NFPA, LASTFIRE, IMO…). Foam concentrates are also available in AR-AFFF for water-miscible fuels on fire.


BIOEX high-performance AFFF is produced using modern C6 fluorosurfactants, which are considered safer and have less impact on the environment due to their short-chain. BIOEX firefighting foams do not contain PFOS (Perfluoroctyl Sulfonate, also named C8) and PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid). The use of PFOS & PFOA is now restricted due to their impact on the environment and health.



BIOEX AR-AFFF foams (Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) provide efficient vapor suppression and extinguishment of liquid class B fires containing hydrocarbons and polar solvents. AR-AFFF foams are required when fuels are water-miscible, such as alcohols, acetone


Polar solvents and alcohol can destroy the foam blanket generated by standard class B hydrocarbon fires foams. AR-AFFF foams are often required in high-risk in the oil & gas and chemical industries such as refineries, ships, tank farms, and pharmaceutical plants.


AR-AFFF foams are suitable for quick extinguishment of large-scale class B fires. AR-AFFF agents contain a polymer that forms a protective film between the burning surface and the foam blanket, blocking the oxygen which supplies the fuel on fire. By forming a polymer layer, it seals the fuel surface and prevents the release of fuel vapors.


AR-AFFF film prevents foam breakdown by alcohols in the burning liquids. The water container in the foam solution provides a cooling effect for faster fire suppression. BIOEX AR-AFFF foams have good burn-back resistance.


BIOEX high-performance synthetic AR-AFF foams can be applied in direct or indirect applications with a wide range of firefighting equipment. They can be used in highmedium and low expansion on the burning spill. BIOEX AR-AFF foams are tested and approved by international standards appropriate to your industry, application, and risk (EN1568, UL, NFPA, LASTFIRE, IMO…).


Considering the growing concerns about fluorosurfactants, BIOEX uses C6 surfactants (short-chain) recognized as safer, and minimizing the impact on health and the environment, than PFOS and PFOA. The use of PFOS and PFOA is restricted all over the world due to their persistence in the environment, bioaccumulative characteristics, its containment of toxic substances.

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