Many construction trades use ventilation either on the job site or back at the workshop. Whether it’s for safety, cleanliness or regulation compliance, there are a number of reasons to utilize a fan during construction work. The right Tempest fan can aid you in a number of problem areas.

Use fans for odor control when spraying, or dust control during prep.

Floor Prep / Grinding:
Fans can be used to control vagrant dust as well as adding in the collection process by blowing dust into a dust containment bag.

Cooling / Heating:
Fans can be used to “push” heated air around the jobsite or to create air movement for general cooling of the workplace. Optional misting rings are available to inject a fine mist into the airstream that helps cool the air while not creating a slip hazard or water damage to the floor.

General Demolition:
Using a high power fan will help rid the immediate area of any contaminates obstructing eye-sight or creating unhealthy breathing conditions.

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