Current Detector

Faced with increasingly frequent electrical risks linked to illegal connections, the Leader VOLT elecricity detector can be used to secure a working zone in all circumstances without any contact. With several sensitivity modes, this voltage detector immediately indicates the risk of alternating current through an audio and visual alarm.


Through its directional detection technology, it can also be used to locate the potential source of risk and therefore secure the working zone.

Light and autonomous, thanks to its battery powered supply, the Leader VOLT current detector keeps the user informed throughout the mission.


Main uses:


  • Urban search and rescue: Detecting unknown sources of unprotected and potentially dangerous alternating current.
  • Fire: During and after fires for works and investigations.
  • Vehicle extraction: Rapid verification of the working sites and vehicles to identify any risk linked to alternating current. Can be used to check that power circuits have been disconnected.
  • Confined Space Rescue: Can be used to check that the power supply has been cut off before entering a site with machinery or equipment
  • Natural disasters: Rapid verification of the presence of current after earthquakes, storms, floods or snowstorms. Leader VOLT can be used to identify powered wires on roads or in spaces inside collapsed buildings or flooded sites.
  • Trench rescue: To locate potential sources of electrical hazards during rescue operations.

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