Fire Blanket

Tempest offers the Leader STOP fire blanket, a simple and efficient solution to deal with a vehicle fire while waiting for firefighters to arrive!


  • It prevents vehicle flashover by smothering the fire and depriving it of oxygen!
  • It avoid the fire spreading to other vehicles or surrounding infrastructures whilst waiting for the firefighters to arrive.
  • It stops the spreading of thick, toxic smoke, making it easier for firefighters to control the fire so they can put it out quickly and easily.

Made of silicon fibreglass, the flame retardant blanket resists extreme temperatures and stops the fire by smothering it.

The easy-to-use LEADER Stop fire blanket can be quickly and easily deployed by 2 people.


Large and highly flexible, it easily covers any type of car (Truck or small SUV).


It must be left in place for at least 20 minutes to ensure the fire has been completely extinguished, and it should be removed by previously informed firefighters.


Finally, it does not require any maintenance or upkeep.


The Leader STOP fire blanket should be placed near to at-risk zones with a high vehicle concentration (underground car parking lots, shopping centers, car ferries, motorway toll stations, gas stations, car dealerships, shopping malls, etc.) It can also be used when fires start in motorcycles, metal bins, machinery, etc.


The Leader STOP fire blanket complies with EU and French security standard NF EN 1869-1997 currently in force.


The fire blanket is an essential accessory in the range of fire fighting equipment.

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