Fire Training Modules

To personalise firefighting equipment training and familiarise learners with different firefighting situations, LEADER offers fire training modules (optional accessories) compatible with all LEADER flame generators. These training modules help realistically simulate specific situations such as :


  • computer screen fires
  • bin fires
  • power cabinet fires
  • motor fires
  • aerosol explosions
  • and what happens when water mixes with boiling oil.


LEADER fire training modules allow learners to :


  • recognize the type of fire (Class A, B, C, D or F fire)
  • select the correct extinguisher (spray water extinguisher, water + additive, powder, CO2 or foam)
  • use the correct technique to extinguish the fire (spraying extinguishing agent over the fire, covering the fire with a wet cloth, etc.)


To be used, these fire training modules must be positioned on an adapter which will be fitted to a flame generator.


These accessories are easy and quick to set up and can multiply the specific fire situations in less time.


Strong and designed in stainless steel, they resist the thermal shocks caused by repeated ignition.


These compact accessories can be transported and easily stored in a car boot.


The LEADER fire training modules, combined with a flame generator and refillable training extinguishers, provide training with the use of realistic extinguishers which are economical and environmentally friendly.


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