Fire Extinguisher Trainer

The LEADER fire training equipment range perfectly meets the needs of fire training for any company’s staff whilst respecting the environment and health and safety requirements (Article L231-3-1 and Article R4227-28).


Totally autonomous and supplied by a rechargeable 12V battery, the environmentally-friendly flame simulator can be used for training without polluting or leaving residue on site (ash, non-consumed hydrocarbons). There is no need to add wood, hydrocarbons or other fuels to the fire!

Working from propane gas and certified by Certigaz, the fire extinguisher trainer provides fire control with powerful, large flames with a controlled height from 0.2m to 3m depending on the model. With no hydrocarbons, smoke or pollution, the fire trainer was designed for use with health and safety in mind.


Aware of the importance of individual safety during training, LEADER has focused significantly on this aspect. With a fire-resistant connection cable, control console with emergency stop button, gas control solenoid valve, positive safety control, the LEADER flame generator are safe to use.


To personalize training and familiarize company staff in all fire drill situations, LEADER offers training modules for all its flame generators (computer screen, bin, fryers, electric motor, etc.) capable of simulating specific situations such as aerosol explosion or what happens when water mixes with boiling oil.

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