Electric Powered Fans

LEADER electric fans provide maximum efficiency due to the Easy Pow’Air and NEO technologies.

Compatible with 110V or 220V power supplies, single-phase or triple-phase, 50 or 60 Hz.  These firefighting fans require very little to no upkeep and they release no exhaust gas.

LEADER electric fans are able to operate in all working conditions.


This electric fan line includes the BATFAN portable battery-powered fan to the NEO Electric Fan ESV230; you will always find a product that will meet your needs.


Direct or progressive start-up programming available.


The LEADER technologies like EASY POW’AIR, reinforces the air drive effect of turbofans.


NEO technology is also possible in our electric fan line. Combining NEO with the Easy Pow’Air technology gives you an optimal combination of a propeller, highly technical grille made of composite material, associated with a reinforced mono-block frame.  All of this technology provides unrivaled performance by generating an oval jet of air, covering the majority of the working surface. Leader’s automatic tilting system allows for a perfect tilt position!


These technologies all work together to allow the fan to be positioned at an ideal distance between 6.5 and 19.6 ft from the opening while maintaining optimum performance. Our electric motor makes for a greatly reduced noise level making operational communication easier.


Leader’s wheeled models, provide a wide stable frame design that ensures the fan always stays in place, even when tilted to work on a landing or facing stairs.


Looking for a more maneuverable fan/blower? The B215-Li swappable battery-operated fan from Leader is powerful and lightweight for self-contained operations.

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