Gas Powered Fans

LEADER gas-driven fans are for those rescue workers who want maximum flow in all circumstances, without the constraint of external energy supply, while guaranteeing efficiency thanks to Easy Pow’Air and NEO technology.

LEADER gas-driven fans guarantee autonomy and power.


The Easy Pow’Air technology combined with powerful but economic motors provides effective and high-performance air jets, reinforcing the air drive effect of turbofans.

Easy Pow’air technology allows the fan to be positioned at a distance between 6.5 and 19 ft, leaving room for movement and reducing noise levels to facilitate operational communications.


The frame design ensures the gas-driven fan stays in place in all circumstances, even if it needs to be tilted to work on a landing or facing stairs.


The large wheels make it easy to transport without tiring the users.
The available flows are between 13,690 cfm and over 36,505 cfm.
The NEO technology available for 16” devices gives LEADER fans the best “space/performance” ratio, thanks to the optimal combination of a highly resistant propeller, coupled with a highly technical grille in composite material and a reinforced mono-block frame.


Leaders integrated automatic tilting system built into their fans ensure they are always in the correct position!


All of the Leader gas-driven firefighting fans can be used with fan accessories such as a spiral backflow duct, a high expansion foam adapter, or a mister.

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