Large Flow Fans

The LEADER large flow ventilators are ideal for those ventilation missions involving large areas and requiring the movement of significant amounts of air. They are ideally suited to warehouses, tunnels, airport lounges, and car parks.

LEADER’s large-flow fans are suited to unusual missions. From ventilating underground car parking to a warehouse fire can fully demonstrate their capacities.


With a flow of 88,290 cfm for the EASY 2000 model and 235,430 cfm for the EASY 4000 model, they provide optimal performance.
Powered by a BMW Flat Twin 1170cm3 motor for the EASY 4000 and a Honda GX630 motor for the EASY 2000, performance meets expectations, while guaranteeing reliability.


The large-flow fan can be mounted on a trailer frame for easy transportation using a light vehicle, or placed onto a skid to integrate it into a vehicle, tracked vehicle, flatbed, or rail platform.


The LFV’s can be operated remotely using a wired remote control, which can start and stop the motor and tilt between 10° and 20°. A motor control panel allows optimized monitoring of different motor and fan parameters.


The misting system underlines the cooling capacities of these large flow ventilators.


The two large frames can be equipped with extraction or blowing ducts to ventilate large, inaccessible areas.


As an option, it is also possible to supply a lifting table with these large flow fans.

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