PathMaster® Smoke Curtain

A tool with many uses, the Tempest PathMaster® Smoke Curtain is a valuable asset in attempting to:


  • Control/reduce smoke movement and damage
  •  Control/redirect interior flow paths
  •  Reduce doorway size to increase PPV pressure/performance
  •  Doesn’t block point of egress

The Tempest PathMaster Smoke Curtain was created to make firefighting safer. Use of the PathMaster allows firefighters to control the flow path. A firefighter can easily open and close flow paths using our smoke curtain. Fire movement and growth control is put into the department’s hands. Application is based on research conducted by UL FSRI on interior flow paths. Limiting and reducing smoke spread & damage by creating a temporary blockade. The curtain almost entirely eliminates smoke spread and movement between rooms. Keeps escape routes such as stairwells free from blinding and suffocating smoke. Significantly helps to prevent unnecessary smoke risk/damage, saving property and lives. In addition, the smoke curtain amplifies PPV/PPA by increasing pressure effectively by reducing doorway size allowing closer fan placement while maintaining necessary air seal. With a fan closer to the ventilation point you can increase internal pressures which result in higher ventilation rates. The smoke curtain keeps open point of egress only preventing air movement through the opening, not personnel. Deploys in any doorway or window opening without obstructing the point of egress unlike closing the door or window. Frees up personnel from having to manage a closed doorway.


The PathMaster Smoke Curtain as well as all Tempest product lines are distributed through a global network of dealers selected for their industry knowledge, professionalism and commitment to customer service. This dealer network includes top equipment dealers, installers and manufacturers in each market we serve.

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