Cutoff Saws

VentMaster® Cutoff Saws incorporate features found on no other cutoff saw on the market today and provide the perfect solution for price or size conscious departments.

These Cutoff Saws feature the most advanced air intake filtration and cooling system available today. The patented “Centrifugal Force” Active Filtration System mechanically filters 97% of airborne contaminants, preventing premature clogging. The cleaning system allows for longer intervals between filter cleanings and provides for smoother operation and reduced wear.


When it comes to ease of use these Cutoff Saws are simple to use and easy to start. With the unique decompression valve the piston pressure is reduced during starting. This decompression valve reduces required pulling force therefore making starting easier, faster, and reduces wear on starter parts. The large D-Ring Starter Handle and One Step Starting make these saws faster and easier than the competition.


Versatility is key for tough cutting jobs. The high-power and wide torque enables our VentMaster® Cutoff saws to work with large diameter cutting discs for greater cutting depths. The reversible cutting arm allows for cutting in close, confined spaces.


Our Accessories make these Saws even more versatile with:

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