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Where Ventilation Fits In
Ventilation is necessary during the installation of many floor coating products, most notably MMA (methylmethacalate) products. Venting the work application area is required for three reasons:

  • To keep the vapor concentration below the max OSHA exposure limit of 100 ppm.
  • For odor control.
  • To assist (remove the vapor from the surface) in proper material cure.

For use in floor-coating applications we recommend our line of electric fans feauring EP (explosion-proof) motor and switch options. These 1 HP electric motors and On/Off switches are rated to safely operate in:

Class I, Groups C & D 
(Group C: Propane and Ethylene / Group D: Benzene, Butane, Methane & Propane)

Class II, Groups F & G environments 
(Group F: Carbon & Charcoal / Group G: Flour, Starch, Wood & Plastic).

These fans also include heavy-duty off road tires for easy transport, and tapered shrouds that accept accessories like flex duct, smooth bore (disposable) ducting, and dust-containment bags.

Industrial Ventilation PPV Blower Fan w/ Smooth Bore Ducting


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