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LEADER, firefighting equipment manufacturer, offers a wide range of fire foam equipment, from a foam inductor / eductor to a high expansion foam generator (to equip storage warehouses), plus foam nozzles (polymousse).


Foam is increasingly used to improve the efficiency of firefighting responses. Foam is formed of water, firefighting foam concentrate and air.

To create it, the first stage involves mixing the water and extinguisher additive (foam concentrate) in the correct proportions. To do this, the “foam proportioner” or foam eductor is used.


The “solution” obtained is called the “premix”.


Air is then incorporated to create bubbles, smaller or larger expansion, to generate foam.


To do this, low, medium or high expansion foam generators are used, depending on the rescue operation.


Some systems like the UPRIM include foam concentrate dosing, storage and foam production functions in a single piece of equipment



Always looking to innovate, LEADER has introduced a composite material into the design of its firefighting equipment, offering equal or better properties than the usual materials: FiberTech®.


This material is more resistant to corrosion than aluminum and bronze.
This is therefore very useful when using foam. These products are:

All of Our Foam Equipment is Designed to be used with BioEx Foams

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