Foam inductors

LEADER – a specialist in firefighting equipment and foam – has developed innovative mechanical foam dosing systems for use on the move or integrated into response vehicles.

LEADER offers different types of foam dosing systems:


the venturi foam inductor in Fibertech® composite: designed for uses at determined flows and pressure.


This foam proportioner is available as 52.8 and 105 gpm and thanks to Fibertech®, it is very light.


It offers a wide range of concentration from 0.1% to 6%, adapted to any type of foam.


the LEADER MIX 1000 autonomous automatic dosing system: The ideal compromise between the classic venturi foam inductor and the classic electronic dosing system, it has a wide range of flows and concentration.


LEADER MIX can be used to dose the foam precisely, from 72 psi and 0.3% to 6% with a flow range from 26 to 264 gpm.


It needs practically no maintenance except rinsing the foam after use.
It is completely autonomous and very simple to install in a vehicle.


the FLOWMIX DSS system (the foam Dosing and Storage System): specially designed for Class A injection can dose from 5 GPM at just 0.1%.


The FLOWMIX only generates very low-pressure loss compared with venturi foam proportioners.


Autonomous and available as a portable or vehicle mounted version, these dosing systems supply up to 528 gpm of premix.


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