General Cooling


We Know About Keeping Cool
Our headquarters is located in the Central Valley of California, a place that reaches 100+, regularly nearing 110 degrees, throughout the summer months. These long and hot summers have forced us to learn a thing or two about keeping cool on and off the clock.

A hot and uncomfortable work environment takes a toll on workers and their attitudes, attention levels, energy levels and resulting productivity. Proper uniforms and work attire can help with heat issues, but ventilation is a must in avoiding potentially dangerous heat.


High Output Ventilation Gives You Control Over the Heat
Tempest offers a number of solutions from high output fans to misting rings in order to address your need for cooling on the line. Our fans are built strong enough to take the beatings that come with all areas of industrial work sites while providing extremely effective ventilation wherever you need it.

You no longer have to be a victim of the season. Comfortable and happy workers equal a safer, more efficient and more productive work place.

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