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Not all fans are created equal. In fact, very few industrial fans are designed to create the necessary conditions needed for positive pressure ventilation, the most effective and efficient means of ventilating interior environments and structures.

Tempest’s Industrial Ventilation Fans offer everything you need in a remarkably reliable exterior ventilation unit. Like all of our tools, these fans are built right here in the US by a team of skilled fabricators. Every part is built to last, from the welded and powder-coated steel frame and shrouds to the optional Explosion Proof Motors. Their high-performance electric motors and impeller blades put out enough CFM to deliver the ventilation your job site needs, even when competing against possible outside elements such as crosswinds.


When working with interior spaces, PPV is a must. Our model 24-IND fan is an identical version of the fans used by firefighters to conduct PPV during live fires. Its shroud is engineered to create the essential “Cone of Air,” which is used to seal the intake point. The 24-IND showcases a five (5) position tilt mechanism to allow directing the Cone of Air precisely where it’s needed. Finally, the fans high-performance engine and fan blades are matched to work specifically with one another, generating the high CFM needed for PPV. If positive pressure ventilation is not desired, these same fans can double for more common interior ventilation practices as well. Turned around, the units can provide negative pressure ventilation and paired with Tempest ducting, high CFM ventilation can be delivered to hard to reach areas, including confined spaces.


If you work in an interior environment with seemingly unavoidable air-borne health and safety hazards (heat, chemicals, particulates, odors, etc.) Tempest fans can help to make your hazardous environment safer.

Tempest product lines are distributed through a global network of dealers selected for their industry knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to customer service. This dealer network includes top equipment dealers, installers, and manufacturers in each market we serve.



Tempest Technology is not your standard industrial fan company. We specialize in High-Volume, High-Pressure, as well as High CFM air movement and dust collection.

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