Confined Space Fans

Tempest’s EBS-16, or Box Fan, is a very popular unit for all forms of confined space ventilation. It’s light and small enough to ventilate tight areas but still built to Tempest’s standard of long lasting durability and reliability. Plug it in and suck the smoke/fumes/particulates out from almost any location. Single Speed AOC Meter


The Tempest EBS-16 comes standard with a single speed electric AOC motor with an output of 0.3 HP or 1.5 HP. These motors are matched perfectly with the fan blade’s size and pitch to produce the most effective air movement possible.

Light Weight

Starting at 47 lbs, the Tempest EBS-16 is one of the more light weight ventilation units available. Its reduced dimensions and frame design allow users to easily carry it to and from the work site.

Formed & Welded Roll-Cage Frame

Not an ounce of Tempest’s well known reliability and durability that comes standard on every fan was sacrificed to meet this unit’s small stature and light weight. The frame is made up of entirely steel; all molded, formed and welded into a sturdy roll-cage design. Like every Tempest, it’s built to last on the job site.

Compact Size

Originally intended for confined space ventilation, the EBS-16 is small enough to hang, sit or fit in a wide array of tight spaces. Whether space is a factor for you for in storing or using ventilation, our box fan will suit you perfectly.

Negative Pressure Ventilator

Negative Pressure Ventilation (NPV), as opposed to Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV), is the method of using a fan to suck out unwanted particulates rather than blowing them out. The Tempest EBS-16’s size and design is most effective and efficient at NPV; although, PPV may still be utilized to some degree.

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