USAR Equipment

USAR life detectors are designed to detect buried victims and accurately locate their position under rubble after a disaster such as an earthquake.
This urban search and rescue equipment is categorized by listening equipment for victim detection and visual searching equipment (cameras) for the precise location of the previously detected victim.



Seismic detectors (listening equipment) use various techniques such as “filtration” but also buried victim location using “triangulation” and “axis overlapping” methods.
Search cameras make location even more precise and visual to get into contact with the victim.


All this USAR equipment is applicable to different rescue phases at a USAR site, such as:


  • Recon
  • hasty search,
  • primary search,
  • secondary search.

The USAR research equipment in the LEADER range is:


  • Leader SEARCH – Life detectors / locators : Seismic (geostereophone) listening device which communicates with up to 6 seismic sensors (3 wireless and 3 wired sensors).
  • Leader CAM – USAR search camera : USAR Search camera to locate and view victims, but also to communicate with them.
  • Leader HASTY – Life detectors / locators : Combined listening/viewing tool. The only 2 in 1 device which combines wireless seismic detection and a search camera.
  • Leader SCAN – Life detectors / locators : Radar movement detector (UWB sensor) able to detect/locate an unconscious or conscious buried victim through rubble.
  • Leader SENTRY – Stability controller to monitor unstable buildings in or near where rescue teams are working during rescue operations. If there is movement, the device sounds to signal the hazard. Zone securing device.
  • Leader WASP – Warning Alarm for Stability Protection : Leader WASP was specifically designed for movement detection to protect USAR staff when entering earthquake damaged buildings.
  • Leader VOLT – SAR team and rescuer security equipment. Alternating current detector to detect powered cables in rubble.

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