The PARTNER and VECTOR portable fire monitors can be deployed quickly when the situation requires. Thanks to the use of aluminum, the fire monitor is light and compact once folded away. Each firefighting monitor has a single-flow, selectable, or automatic monitor nozzle. To optimize deployment, just one person is needed for setup, and it is easy to store in the fire engine due to its compact size. Equipped with four stainless steel feet, each portable firefighting monitor is entirely stable on the ground in all circumstances.

For increased autonomy, the PARTNER – intended for the most demanding firefighters – has an oscillating monitor option. The horizontal rotation and elevation angles have been optimized to adapt to the operational constraints of the field.

Finally, the high-quality wide spray jet on the monitor nozzle ensures effective protection if needed.



Firefighters encounter a multitude of risks during the fire attack. To help fire operations and protect the operators, LEADER monitors integrate multiple strengths such as:


  • Safety valve (option)
  • Automatic oscillating system up to 40° amplitude (option) – Very convenient to cool structures exposed to high temperatures as no firefighter is needed once monitor is set up.
  • Spikes made of tungsten carbide
  • Adjustable elevation from 25° to 85° – It’s particularly effective for Municipal fire departments – Elevation allows fire attack on the interior ceiling space of a larger warehouse, church, house, etc. / Industrial fire brigades – Elevation allows a fire attack at high elevations such as a storage tank, plant, etc.
  • Feet fold away under the monitor – Useful to make it easier to stow in vehicles
  • Anti-slip safety system (option) – Automatically reduces the flow to re-establish the stability of the monitor and protect firefighters
  • Large flow cross section – Minimal friction loss
  • Swivel inlet
  • Pressure gauge


A real asset when faced with warehouse or industrial fires, they can also be equipped with foam adapters or foam hoses, extending their range.


Each portable firefighter monitor is maintenance free due to a robust design that ensures a reduced ownership cost throughout the product life span.


Note: NH threads for USA and NPSH/CSA threads for Canada.

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