Automatic nozzles

The LEADER automatic fire nozzles are perfectly adapted to firefighters’ missions.
The range of FLOWMATIC automatic firefighting nozzles can respond to complex operational situations, while offering unrivalled ease-of-use with optimized flow adjustment and jet.
The FLOWMATIC automatic nozzles are specifically designed to be efficient and safe for rescue teams.

The range covers all types of use, from the FLOWMATIC 39 gpm to the FLOWMATIC 264 gpm.

Depending on the model chosen, it is possible to choose a body in aluminium or FiberTech®.
While aluminium is already well known in the fire nozzle sector, LEADER has chosen to offer a composite material, which is lighter than aluminium, while offering mechanical resistance comparable to bronze, whether in a salt water environment or when using foam.

The 6 settings allow the flow to be adjusted precisely without additional effort.
The jet can be changed from a straight jet to a spray jet in just a quarter turn, ensuring greater responsiveness and security.
The distribution cone, associated with a sliding stainless steel valve, pushes back flames efficiently, while allowing firefighters to keep a distance.
The polyurethane bumper resists high temperatures, hydrocarbons and chemical products.
Combined with shatter-proof prongs, the unit is long-lasting and supports firefighters every day during their firefighting missions.
To make it easy to switch to a water supply, each nozzle has an inlet filter which immediately blocks debris while remaining easy to clean.

Choosing a Leader FLOWMATIC automatic fire nozzle means having a technical but easy to use product which is strong and long-lasting.

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