Selectable flow nozzles

The MULTIFLOW selectable flow nozzles are designed to optimize use of water, allowing the fire nozzle user to choose their flow and conserve water in all circumstances. LEADER has designed MULTIFLOW, a manual selectable flow nozzle, for simple water management.
With 87 psi of pressure, it allows the user to choose the flow adapted to the situation, and to maintain it throughout, without any constraints.

The easy to maneuver flow ring has tactile and visual markers to easily identify the chosen flows, even in difficult conditions.

The wide polyurethane bumper is easy to hold and allows responsive adjustment of the jet, while protecting the nozzle tip from external damage.
It has shatterproof prongs to ensure a long-lasting product and jet quality.

Ergonomics have been kept in mind to make it easy to hold. The non-slip handle makes it easy to hold the nozzle, even with wet gloves. Different handle colors are available.

It is also possible to choose a body in aluminium or composite material, FiberTech®.
The extremely light selectable flow nozzle in FiberTech® is as strong as the aluminium model.
Much lighter than bronze, this composite material guarantees an optimal life span.

This selectable flow nozzle is therefore easy to deploy and ensures optimal firefighting in terms of flow, while guaranteeing the user remains safe due to the quality of the jet.

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