Special nozzles

LEADER has two types of special fire nozzles:

Inerting nozzles:

The piercing inerting nozzles are specially designed to extinguish a fire inside a closed space (container, attic …) without having to open any door. Once the hole created in the wall of the fire volume using the pre-drilling hammer, the operator can introduce the nozzle inside the volume to cool and / or extinguish the fire directly.

Automatic high pressure nozzles:

The LEADER automatic high pressure nozzles are specifically intended for high pressure pumps.
The HP MATIC nozzle, with its specific design and trigger (trigger not available in USA), is safe and responsive for users.

Every day firefighters must adapt their techniques, but also their firefighting equipment depending on the mission.
This is why LEADER offers an automatic high pressure nozzle specially designed for use with high pressure pumps.
Ease of use is particularly important to ensure excellent grip and guarantee user stability at all times.

From 87 psi to 580 psi, it offers a flow up to 66 gpm.
To make it easier to use, the trigger (trigger not available in USA) can be locked in an open position, limiting fatigue when using the nozzle.
The supply has been positioned to the side to avoid impeding the user’s movement.

This high pressure nozzle has an automatic head, offering an equivalent jet quality to the rest of the range.
It also has high-performance spray, cooling the atmosphere with an excellent range.

It is lightweight thanks to its Fibertech® composite body.
With a similar resistance to aluminium and much lighter than bronze, this composite material perfectly resists external damage and guarantees a long-lasting product.

The perfectly sized polyurethane bumper is easy to hold and allows responsive adjustment of the jet.

This automatic high pressure fire nozzle allows attack teams to be deployed quickly, whilst guaranteeing a flow adapted to different situations.

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