Oil & Gas


Tempest fans are specifically engineered to deliver high CFM output over greater distances than common ventilation tools. These units will carry nearly all potentially dangerous molecules and gases away from the well head and out of direct contact with crew, creating drastically safer working conditions. Tempest fans are easily capable of running for extended periods of time, are easy to move and direct and are able to sync up directly to gas detection units which allow power on/off depending on detection.

During well prepping and drilling, methane gas is released from the head. Methane gas alone is not toxic. However, in contained areas, it may displace oxygen causing ill effects such as dizziness and poor coordination. This can be a deadly combination in an environment where quick thinking and action is key to safety. Even more severe, Methane gas is highly combustible. It’s commonly used as a fuel source, natural gas.

Hydrogen Sulfide is a flammable and extremely toxic gas. It’s heavy weight causes it to linger near ground level and although it gives off a “rotten egg” odor, it quickly causes loss of smell preventing personnel from detecting it naturally. Even minor exposure can lead to illness, unconsciousness and even death.

RADON GAS / RADIUM 226 & 228
Radon Gas, Radium 226 and Radium 228 are naturally occurring radioactive materials which reside among oil and gas deposits. An estimated 30% of oil and gas wells contain some level of these radioactive isotopes. Well drilling causes extraction of these materials releasing them into the air. As they’re carried above ground, working crew can experience direct skin exposure and may breathe in radioactive dust and gases. Frequent and prolonged exposures will increase cancer risks, especially of the lungs.

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