Need Ventilation in a Unique Application?
Tempest was founded on the need for an entirely new type of ventilation tool for an entirely new type of application. Since then, many of our company’s most successful ventilation lines have been the outcome of customers approaching us with new ideas and needs. Through diligent interaction and communication with our clients, we’ve built a long history of ventilation problem solving for a wide array of specialty applications.

Let Us Help You Find What You Need
Tempest hosts a skilled team of engineers, designers and fabricators that are capable of creating specialty ventilation tools for nearly any work site. If you’ve looked through our current product lines and haven’t found what you’re looking for, we urge you to please reach out to us so that we may either point you to the right tool, or help design a brand new one based on your needs and requirements. Since our founding, we take extreme pride in our ability to work next to our customers in helping to solve today’s ventilation needs.

Call us at 800.346.2143 or email us at response@tempest.us.com


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