Smoke generator Leader SMOKE 5

Smoke generator Machine Smoke 5 LeaderSmoke generator Machine Smoke 5 Leader
Smoke generator Machine LeaderSmoke generator Machine Leader

With an output of 2100W, the Leader SMOKE 5 generates a large amount of dense smoke for safe training.

  • Powerful
    With its 2100 W, Leader SMOKE 5 is able to generate a large amount of smoke in a short time. It is perfect for training in large volumes. For some very large volumes, it is even better to use multiple Leader SMOKE 5 rather than just one more powerful machine. The distribution system of Leader SMOKE 5 will allow a faster and more homogeneous smoke.
  • Digital remote control, removable and programmable for all settings

    The wired remote control (fixed on the machine or mobile with 3 ft of cable) is digital. Management is more intuitive than with rotating buttons, which can be confusing. It includes:

    • Produces light or dense smoke with adjustable flow rate.
    • Controlled volume of smoke required for each scenario (to fill small and large volumes),
    • Select length of time for which smoke is to be produced,
    • Select time interval between smoke emissions.
  • Permanent heating system
    • Continuous dense smoke production in order to avoid interruptions
      of operation during the programmed period.
    • Continuous operation at reduced flow rate by default for maximum fluid economy.
  • Robust
    • Impact-resistant, splash-resistant outer casing
    • Easy to transport
    • 2100 watt cast aluminum heat exchanger
    • 10 Minute start-up time
    • Direct thermal protection
    • Rear-mounted XVR socket (provides 12V DC at 50mA) to power and interface device for triggering the machine. (eg. remote control)
    • Removable digital remote control with 9.8-foot cable
    • Adjustable flow rate
    • Permanent heating system
    • Programmable emission


  • Smoke generator Machine Leader
  • Smoke generator Machine Leader
  • Smoke generator Machine Leader


Leader SMOKE 5 generates dense, realistic smoke and is the perfect tool for evacuation drills and completely safe training.

A removable and digital remote control allows to measure the volume of smoke required for each scenario and to adjust smoke emissions time length and interval.

The robust and compact design makes it the ideal tool for creating different exercise scenarios.


OUTPUT Max. 46,615 ft3/min in constant low-flow operation
POWER 1800W, 15A @110V 60Hz.
WEIGHT 39.1 lbs
DIMENSIONS 23.1″ x 15.6″ x 12.1″
(587mm x 396mm x 307mm)
HOUSING Rugged 12 gauge steel case
Chip resistant powder-coated paint
Hard point attachments for hanging
RoHS Compliant
ETL / cETL (Pending)


Cutsheet PDF Product Manual PDF