Smoke Machines

The LEADER SMOKE and TEMPEST Dusk portable smoke generators can produce dense and realistic smoke creating ideal circumstances for training in safe conditions! They respond perfectly to different firefighting training requirements by filling small and large rooms in a few seconds!

Genuine technical benefits:

Portable smoke machines create dense and continued smoke without the need for interruptions to reheat the machine. The flow can be adjusted for light or dense smoke. All smoke generators use water and glycol-based fluid, providing a safe and non-toxic smoke.


The 2 Leader SMOKE smoke generators in the range are equipped with an adjustable and robust remote control allowing remote triggering of smoke emission for more versatile use. This allows the distribution to be programmed by choosing the smoke emission time and required volume.


The Leader SMOKE fluid, an essential extra for training, creates dense smoke with high suspension time. Water and glycol based, the smoke produced is safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The fluid is non-toxic, economical and (when used correctly) does not leave any residue.


The versatile Leader SMOKE and TEMPEST Dusk range is used for firefighting training session, evacuation training and smoke extraction tests during PPV (positive pressure ventilation) exercises. These portable smoke generators are also used for pipe seal tests, etc.

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