Blower Accessories



TEMPEST/LEADER fire blower accessories help expand the scope of use of devices while guaranteeing optimal performance.


For example: If needed, blowing ducts (optional) can optimize or resolve distance or accessibility problems.



In order to expand our TEMPEST/LEADER Blower capacities in all circumstances, a wide range of fire fan accessories have been developed.


It is not always possible to position the fan in a specific location, due to building constraints or narrow areas.


Also, to meet performance thresholds, TEMPEST & LEADER has designed its own extraction and blowing ducts for firefighters.


Easy to handle and extremely resistant, they can be deployed quickly.


These firefighter ducts are adapted to the majority of the gas-driven, electric or hydraulic fan range.


For the large flow ventilators, certain spiral extraction ducts can be connected together to reach a full length up to 118 ft.


Their design expands flows while allowing assembly without a bulky adapter.


In the event of access problems, the TEMPEST/LEADER telescopic hook will help to create an outlet, release materials, all while protecting the firefighter from electrical hazards. Insulating up to 20,000 volts, it is made of fiberglass and can be extended from 7.2 to 12.3 Feet.


Finally, the LEADER CAT & the TEMPEST GESI Catalytic Converters, compact and economic, can reduce CO emissions by 50 to 80%.


Choosing TEMPEST/LEADER firefighting equipment means choosing quality and expertise.


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