Electric Powered Blowers

To best adapt to different specific operational situations, like booster ventilation, TEMPEST also offers a range of battery-powered blower/fans which can be easily carried by a single firefighter. This battery-powered range of fans is also perfect for PPV/PPA due to the high cfm output and battery life. Compact and self-contained they can work closely to the fire, providing a flow of around 11,000 cfm.



The range is completed with the MVU (Mobile Ventilation Unit) with a flow of 150,000 cfm. For explosive atmospheres, TEMPEST offers a sucking and blowing Confined Space fan to remove dangerous gases securely and quickly, thanks to its 3200 cfm or 11,804 cfm airflow from the High-Performance model.


Each blower/fan is designed so a single adult can easily carry it. The ergonomic design makes it easy to store in response vehicles.


Our Line of Tempest Power Blowers/Fans are the most trusted built.


Tempest offers the best electric engines/drives in the options below:


  • GFCI Compatible Single Speed Electric
  • The Single Speed’s 1.5 and 1.0 HP motors are extremely simple to operate with only a single switch used to turn the unit ON or OFF. All models are GFCI compatible and will run on any 15 amp circuit without tripping the breaker. Every Single Speed positive pressure ventilation fan provides impressive CFM capable of creating positive pressure ventilation.
  • The Variable Speed drive is powered by Performance a 2.0 HP Motor


You don’t always have to sacrifice performance for the convenience of an electric powered positive pressure ventilation fan. Our latest Power Blower™, the VSR, is closing the CFM gap between gas and electric. Equipped with a massive 2.0 HP motor, paired with our signature blade and shroud design, the VSR delivers the absolute best in GFCI compatible performance. If you’re looking to go electric but don’t want to sacrifice airflow, the VSR PPV fan is the answer.


With those powerful options for the motors the AirFlex Composition Impeller are uniquely designed impellers deliver maximum air volume (CFM), velocity and pressure from each Tempest Power BlowerTM. Every size and type of fan features a blade designed specifically for it to deliver the greatest performance possible. Composite blades are much safer than traditional metal blades as they are designed to disintegrate upon impact of any foreign objects. Metal blades may fragment when integrity is compromised, potentially causing severe injury.

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