Mobile Ventilation Unit (MVU®)

The Tempest MVU® 48 & 60 both operate through the use of a highly efficient and effective hydraulic system. This hydraulic system makes these units ideal for long operating times and frequent use. Powered by the legendary turbo charged Cummins® diesel engine mounted separately from the actual fan, hydraulic pressures are generated to operate the unit’s Tilt-Turn system (optional feature), Scissor Lift (optional feature), and impeller rotation. Due to the fan’s significant size and power, the 48 & 60 generate the highest CFM possible in a mobile ventilation unit. These two MVU® models are the power-houses in ventilation.

MVU 48: 130,000 CFM (221,000 m3/hr) nominal airflow
MVU 60: 150,000 CFM (255,000 m3/hr) nominal airflow
Whether you’re looking to ventilate CO from a mile long tunnel, remove toxic fumes from a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse or keep an outdoor work area free from particulates, the MVU® 48 & 60 deliver the air movement you need.


Unit Mounting


Tempest offers a number of mounting options for the MVU® 48 & 60. Some platforms include custom tandem axle trailers, domestic and foreign commercial truck chassis, rail cars, hook-lift skid systems and more. All of these mounts can be custom ordered and installed through Tempest.



Unit controls are electronic and electronic over hydraulic by both fixed panel with controls and a wired or wireless remote control.

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