Water Powered Blowers


The TEMPEST hydraulic fans can be used when the operational constraints require them. Their design guarantees excellent performance thanks to the combination of the latest technological developments and innovation by the Tempest/Leader team.

Powered by a hydraulic motor, they offer a flow of around 30,000 cfm.

The Tempest model features:


  • Powerful aluminum engine with DSP 65 coupling, cutoff and control valve, and pressure gage. • Welded steel roll cage frame.
  • Turbo 2000 Shroud which increases air velocity by up to 30%.
  • AirFlex Composition Impeller delivering maximum air volume (CFM), velocity, and pressure from each Tempest Power Blower (TM).


The hydraulic motor has a DSP 65 connection with a regulation valve and a shut-off valve as well as a pressure meter.

At 174 psi, the motor consumes around 184 gpm and can also power an integrated mister.


The frame is equipped with two wide wheels to move the fan on soft ground, has an automatic tilting system, which guarantees it is always in the correct position! These features allow the firefighting hydraulic fan to be positioned at an ideal distance between 6.5 and 20 feet from the opening while conserving optimum performance.


These firefighting fans can be equipped with several fan accessories such as a spiral duct, a high expansion foam adapter, etc.


If these water-based fans needed to be used in cellars or car parks, it is possible to attach them to an accessory to allow a negative fan tilt (stand).

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