The New Tempest VS-1.2

Teampest VS-1.2 Battery Blower with Folding Handle

In 2020 Tempest listened to their clients and built the new VS-1.2 with a Taller Folding Handle. The VS-1.2 battery-driven blower features a taller fold-down handle to make deployment and storage easier. It delivers a level of utility and performance found with no other battery-driven blower. The folding handle reduces the height of the VS-1.2 down almost a full 2 inches when folded. This powerful PPV/PPA Battery blower leads the industry with its 70 Minute Run-time, 10,887 AMCA Certified CFM, and removable battery.
The VS-1.2 is a part of the Tempest® Tech Series, an innovative line of positive pressure blowers featuring ergonomic design features and leading-edge motor technology and performance. Tech Series blowers are engineered for performance, durability, versatility, and ease of use.

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