Victim search cameras

The LEADER USAR search cameras are widely used worldwide for USAR operations following natural disasters (earthquakes, storms, etc.) or other significant incidents such as an urban explosion (gas explosion, attack, etc.). This visual location tool allows for the location of buried victims under rubble or confined inaccessible spaces.

Leader CAM and Leader HASTY have a victim search camera:


-An adjustable head with a 260° vision angle is attached to an 11.5 ft telescopic pole for deep or high inspections.
-Eight levels of LED illumination offer excellent visibility, even in the darkest spaces.
-Equipped with a microphone and loudspeaker to communicate with the victim once found, allowing rescue teams to calculate the required level of assistance.
-Usable up to 6.5 ft underwater by using a dedicated sealed cap.


It can be disconnected to replace with an infrared (IR) search camera to provide a thermal image view of the search zone.
The thermal search camera supplements and accelerates investigations to focus on hot points and contrasts in temperature to find victims or their thermal signature.


Reels are available as an option for deep searches:


295 ft reel with adjustable head and illumination (sealed up to 6.5 ft) and
295 ft reel with fixed head and illumination (sealed to 295 ft) designed to inspect wells.
A 295 ft extension can be added for searches up to 590 ft!


Rescuers and firefighters appreciate the reliable LEADER victim location cameras for their image quality, strength, and ease of use. This USAR equipment makes it quicker to rescue victims and is an integral part of SAR GOP (General Operating Procedures).

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