The Leader WYE range of firefighting wyes is specially designed to allow firefighters to divide a water hose easily and quickly. The LEADER firefighting wyes, made of FiberTech® composite material, are extra-light, easy to handle and strong. Resistant to corrosion, they can be used with all types of foam and are appropriate for use in salt water environments. Equipped with integrated gated manifolds, they have very low loss of pressure. Equipped with ergonomic handles and 1/4 turn ball-valve taps, they allow you to control the water flow easily. All LEADER firefighting wyes can be equipped with all types of connection (NH/NST, NPSH/CSA, BSP, DSP, Storz, etc.) and all types of thread, on request. Also available are yellow thumb knob accessories for wyes. THE FIBERTECH® COMPOSITE TACKLES THE CHALLENGE FACING ALUMINIUM AND BRONZE!

Always looking to make progress, LEADER has included composite material parts in its firefighting equipment design which offers equal or greater qualities than usual materials.


The Leader WYE 2-way wyes are made of FiberTech® composite material made of a reinforcement (fiberglass) which provides the essential mechanical properties and a matrix which provides the binding function.


This revolutionary material considerably reduces the weight of the firefighting equipment.


This new light-weight material is an excellent alternative to aluminum or bronze as it allows firefighters to handle or transport several 2-way dividers at the same time (wyes are known for being heavy).


The composite entirely replaces metal alloys and is already used for various applications: car, aviation and aerospace industries, weapons, etc

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